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Coming of Age in Mississippi is an autobiography by Anne Moody. It is the story of a black girl growing up in Mississippi at a time when racial discrimination was taken for granted and the NAACP movement had no formal name. In her autobiography, Anne Moody displays the hardships of living in the "rural south" while the Negroes were just starting their fight for equality. Her story is amazing. Life was difficult for all poor Southerners. But for a poor black family with little hope and living with the constant threat of harm and loss of life, her optimism is awe-inspiring. I found this book to be very moving and easy to read, though the structure of her writing was very distracting.

Anne Moody's story is incredible. She
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She became frustrated at her own people because they would not stand up for themselves while there were horrible things were happening to blacks. How can you not sympathize with someone who believed so much in equality and freedom that her picture was on the Ku Klux Klan black list? She worked so hard for Negro equality that she risked her life day in and day out and came close to starving to death just trying to recruit other Negroes to join her cause. Her family begged her to stop helping with the movement in fear of their lives as well as hers. Moody could not even return to her own town out of concern for her safety and that of her family.

Anne Moody's book is a remarkable testimony, but there were a few things in the way she wrote, which were distracting to the main story as a whole. First of all, her style makes it seem as if this whole time she had kept a diary of her life and for the book she just went back through and edited it to make complete sentences. Although her family was very, very poor, she did not focus on that. This almost makes the reader feel as if Miss Moody grew up in a black family with an adequate income and decent education. Her writing shows otherwise with some comments here and there. For instance: on page twenty-five Moody "was mad with her [mama] because we ate beans all the time. Had she taken the money, I thought, we could
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