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Detour for Emmy- Insperational

Marilyn Reynolds is the author of Detour for Emmy. She is an English teacher in Los Angeles County. Marilyn is the author of numerous essays that have been published in many national newspapers, library magazines, professional journals, and autobiographies. Her students help her to keep in touch with the reality of today's teens; she then puts these realities into her writing. Detour for Emmy was inspired by her own experiences and those of her students. (5)

Detour for Emmy is a true story based on a young teen age girl, whose life is drastically changed after she becomes pregnant. Emmy is entering into high school with her trio Pauline and Tammy. For the first couple of weeks of school Emmy feels like
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Even though boys were the last thing Emmy had on her mind she decided that she would. They fell for each other right from the start. After months of being inseparable Emmy finds out that she is pregnant. When she finally gets her nerves up to tell Art, he denies that it is his baby. When Emmy is three months pregnant on Thanksgiving, Art told her that they should maybe not be together anymore. Emmy has to drop out of high school and go to a teen mother's school, completely devastated her. She had an eight year plan and was in the Project Hope Program that would pay for her schooling and everything. Emmy has no one to help her--her mother is an alcoholic, the guy she thought loved her only cared about himself, and her friends became ashamed of her. The only one Emmy had now is her baby Rosie, but Rosie really just had her. She will not give up because of one obstacle in her path. Even though it will be hard to go on with her plans, Emmy is determined to succeed. (15)

The major element of this book is the obstacles that teen age mothers have to deal with. In most teen pregnancies the couple very rarely stays together. They are just kids themselves and are scared; the guy thinks if he is not with her anymore, the problem will be gone. This leaves a young lady all alone to deal with their problem on her own. Another obstacle is the girl has to deal with is the gossip that goes around school. Everyone looks at a young pregnant girl and talks about her

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