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Book Review of "Hear My Testimony" By Maria Teresa Tula This is probably one of the most moving books I have ever read in my life. It is basically a narrative story of the life of an El Salvadorian women named: Maria Teresa Tula. Maria is a wonderful storyteller and the fact the she is describing her own real life experiences greatly add to the impact of the book. Most of the chapters in the book are just her telling about her life. She was born a very poor and sickly child, growing up with her mother and grandmother, after her mother had left her abusive husband. This was only the beginning of a very rough and trying life that she would face. She went on to describe her childhood, how other Salvadorian women were treated and…show more content…
She, along with many other women of El Salvador, watch as hundreds of their men are unjustly jailed, tortured and disappeared. She was also a witness to the inhumane exploitation of workers. Starting with a peaceful takeover of the UN building by 8 mothers of disappeared civilians, and a three-month hunger strike at the El Salvadorian Red Cross, the women continued to spread their word of freedom and justice using peaceful methods of protest. They organized hunger strikes, rallies, protests, distributed food to starving families, and did whatever they could to receive national as well as International attention to their cause. They even were invited to the World Peace Council on a trip to the Royal Palace in Costa Rica and received the first ever John F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, and members of the CO-MADRES Organization even toured Europe. Many of the women in the group had very difficult times at home due to their involvement with the group, many were beat, cheated on, and abused for belonging to a group, which took them away form, their family duties. Maria herself went through a very difficult time after her husband severely beat her because of her work with CO-MADRES. But the women remained strong; Maria kept working with the CO-MADRES and organizing political protests Months before her last daughter was to be born her husband was captured and killed. This was the saddest part of the whole book for me. I cried, at the part when
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