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Debra Langer
HBSK 4073
Book Review

McMahon, R.J. & Forehand, R.L. (2003). Helping the noncompliant child: family-based treatment for oppositional behavior. New York: The Guilford Press.


The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed description of the empirically validated Helping the Non-Compliant Child (HNC) program – a program created to help parents improve their children’s (ages 3-8) noncompliant and oppositional behavior.

Chapter 1 provides background information on noncompliance by discussing the role of compliance and noncompliance in normal development and by highlighting the role of noncompliance in the development of conduct problems early in life. The authors stress that current research
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Progression to each new skill is determined by the therapist’s use of behavioral criteria collected during each session.

Chapter 4 describes the assessment methods and procedures that the therapist should use. Numerous sample documents are provided to facilitate and standardize data collection. This data gathered during assessment is utilized to formulate a treatment plan and, ultimately, to evaluate the success of the treatment. When the problems present themselves in the school setting or with peers and/or siblings, information is obtained concerning those areas as well.

Chapters 5-7 provide detailed instructions on the implementation of the HNC. Chapter 5 starts with a description of the “feedback session” where the therapist presents his conceptualization of the child’s noncompliance and recommendations for intervention. A detailed sample program outline is also provided.

In Chapter 6, the Phase I skills of “differential attention” – attending, rewarding and ignoring—are explained in detail. As soon as the first session begins, the therapist models appropriate parenting skills by explaining the extinction procedure (ignoring) will occur should the child interrupt the conversation between the parent and therapist and by demonstrating positive reinforcement (attends and rewards) should the child

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