Book Review of 'Post Holocaust Interpretation, Misinterpretation, and the Claims of History'

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The content and the events and ideas discussed in this book are focused on the possibility of this historical event with all the sadism and evil that it brings to mind is able to define a post holocaust, with those who survived the event as well as historical scholars' of the era introducing new ways of the reconstruction of the events that took place as well as their ramifications. In addition, the holocaust appears to be an historical event taken advantage of by people from various perspectives for various reasons other than that of that of using it as a cautionary benchmark to deter reoccurrence of such an event ever again. This is a fact the author struggles with throughout the book and one that works in his favor by bestowing a moral authority over his scholarly reflections. The first chapter is entitle The Nazi as Criminal inside and outside the Holocaust, and is indicative of the issues Lang confronts. One outstanding question here is the focus given to the
Nazi atrocities against the Jews as compared to non-Jews in the same period more so the Second World War as comparative framework. Lang points at the heinous acts committed in Lidice and the crimes…
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