Book Review of Seeds of Terror Essay

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Book Review of Seeds of Terror

The book entitled, “Seeds of Terror”, examines evidence of terrorist activity in Southeast Asian countries. It is an eyewitness account by Maria A. Ressa, about Al-Qaeda’s Center of Operations emerging in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. She recollects her own, as she has lived through many of the terrorists’ attacks in the region. Over the years, al-Qaeda successfully infiltrated and co-opted homegrown Muslim movements in: North America, Europe, the Middle East, Chechnya, Kashmir, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Groups from these regions have their own domestic agendas, but they are also pushing al-Qaeda’s anti-Western goals. Through al-Qaeda, terrorist
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The lessons hadn’t been learned, and seven years and hundreds of intelligence documents later, it comes down to meticulously connecting the dots to find it leading to the same small group of men inciting a global jihad. The leaders of al Qaeda who planned the September 11 attacks are the very same people who set up the terrorist networks and activated their plots in the region. It is through these networks that al Qaeda has helped trigger and fuel the jihad in Asia. Based on evidence of her own investigation, the Bali bombing was indeed the work of al-Qaeda, which provided funds, training, and some of the personnel to supplement Jemaah Islamiyah’s home grown recruiting. It was the orders from al-Qaeda’s number two that Jemaah Islamiyah switched from Plan A in Singapore to Plan B in Bali.

Malaysia is often cited as a model for Southeast Asia. It was only after the September 11 attacks, that it became clear that there was an entrenched al-Qaeda network in Malaysia. It also became apparent that the network had other ambitious plots developing simultaneously with the 9/11 attack. In 2002, KSM, former military chief of al Qaeda, sent Zacarias Moussaoui to the Malaysian Flying Academy, to see whether he could train to fly the wide-bodied aircraft. KSM said Moussaoui used the money he was given for flight

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