Book Review of The Internet Incident by Ian Probert Essay

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Book Review of The Internet Incident by Ian Probert
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The book "Internet incident", by Ian Probert, is a great book. It is an in-depth, fast-paced novel about computer hacking. If you're into that sort of thing, then you'll love this book. The main character in the book was at the home of his friend, Karl. Karl shows the boy (who remained unnamed throughout the book) the Internet. The boy was fascinated. However, the boy's interest was defeated when he found out that the man was spying. He quickly ran out. This isn't the most impossible book to read, topping

out at under one hundred pages, but it is a good one.

Chapter 1

At the beginning of the book, the writer puts you
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Want to make some money ?" at this point lots of thoughts come crashing in to our mind like you imagine some sort of deep voice talking to the boy which in fact is Karl Muller we are told that the boy is in café

Then he is offered some money so his wondering how much he will get and a man who was sitting on his table before, tells him not to take less than 20 marks.

He has never seen Karl Muller before and was suspicious about who he was.

Karl Muller offered him fifteen marks the boy wanted 20 but was interested on the money so he agreed "okay it's a deal!"(p3) the boy then asked "what do I have to do" so Karl Muller told the boy to go to a shop and also asks for a package from beagle.

Luckily the boy knew the area "it was and area of town I knew quite well" (p3) the boy had no trouble finding the shop.

when he arrived he knocked on the door he saw that the windows where blanked out and an old lady come out from the shop and asked what he wanted he said he was looking for beagle the old lady did not know what he was talking about but then she called her husband .

Wilheim the old lady's husband looked funny and the boy wanted to Lough but he covered his mouth at this point of the story the boy understands why Karl Muller called him beagle.

Then the man asked what he wanted and the boy told him that Karl Muller sent him to

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