Book Review of Thomas J Peters' 'Little Big Things'

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The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE Keywords Business Improvements Customers Consumers Excellence Opportunities Innovation Summary Little Big Things, written by Thomas J. Peters, offers up a cohesive picture as to the simple things which impact businesses large and small. It truly is a very user-friendly approach to bolstering businesses and assisting them in the journey towards success. It offers up advice that businesses can immediately take in a very practical way: they can read the advice, process it and then immediately find a way to apply the advice to their businesses in real time. Business owners aren't forced to try to make sense of complex graphs, charts or intricate ideas: the information is all immediately useable. The book is full of a range of truly compelling points that can help motivate one to bring one's business to a higher level of excellence. Peters forces one to re-evaluate what one thinks of excellence and how one's business can better reach excellence by better addressing the minutia of their work and companies. Context Thomas J. Peters has a truly eclectic resume and that most likely allows him to have the comprehensive experience and sense of perspective that is necessary for the great advice he gives. For example, Peters has a BA and MA from Cornell University, and an MBA and a PhD from Stanford Business School. Peters also worked for the government, serving in the Navy during the Viet Nam war, and working in

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