Essay on Book Review on Dicken's Great Expectations

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There are reasons why novels become classics, and “Great Expectation” by Charles Dickens is certainly a beloved classic with an exceptional plot and a great deal of rich themes and symbolism. This classic is filled with eccentric characters, themes and symbolism.

Themes play an important part in “Great Expectations”, there are a few major themes in this novel. Dickens explores the England social class system thoroughly, criminals (the lowest end of the system) to high aristocrats are described. We also even get to see a working class boy (Pip) get turned into an aristocrat. Also, the injustice of the penile system is also explored, how innocent people such as Magwitch can be unfairly put into the system. Dickens gives a wonderful
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But near the end of the story, through Joe, Magwitch and Biddy, Pip realized that he shouldn’t look at things superficially, and what is “inside” is what matters.

There are many interesting and eccentric characters in this novel such as Estella and Jaggers, but the most important and interesting character of all is Pip. He changes dramatically throughout the play, there are several stages of change. At first, he was untainted by things such as value and class, he cared for Joe and was not ashamed of who he is. After the encounter with Estella, he was humiliated because he is a blacksmith, he wore thick boots, had coarse hands and called knaves “jacks”. That was a turning point for Pip. After that, he became ashamed towards being a blacksmith, and starts to become ambitious, he longed to be noticed and loved by Estella. He started to care about education and the class system. After Pip started to get money from Magwitch, he becomes very superficial and involved in his aristocratic life (which isn’t very pleasant). Overall, in all three stages, Pip has a very simple and childish mind, as soon as he sees something that will benefit him, he will do it with great expectations without thinking it thoroughly. He gets
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