Book Review on "Life Strategies for Teens"

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Life Strategies for Teens This book tells about the ten Life Laws that the author’s father has written about, but into a way that teens can easily understand. These Life Laws are to get us understand more why our lives are like this at the moment, what we have done has led our lives to be like this. The Laws are to help us to get back onto the right track with life, dealing with the problems we face, creating our own lives and future. It tells us that it is up to ourselves to create a life that we want; it is all by our control. I haven’t learnt really much, in a narrow speaking definition, of studying in this book, as it most tells me about the attitude and things to do, concerning our whole lives but not just on studying. But Life Law…show more content…
Then I started to think hard, is there something I can change? Is my life really having no hope at all? From there, I thought as hard as I could ever have. Then, I gradually understand why I had my life so miserable and I chose to change it with the decision of switching school. By now, I have proven that I have my own control with my life. I see the change in myself, from not knowing what I am going to do with my life, to having a clear goal on my life and being optimistic with my own life. I have more friends, I work harder in school, I started to get better results, etc all these I can see myself changing and it proves that I really do have the power to change my life into a better way. After reading the first two Life Law, now I understand more on my life. I now get to know how I have chosen for myself to be happy. It is always good to know that you have done something right, isn’t it? And I am now more sure of how to make myself happy in my life. Now, here comes the third Life Law of ‘People do what works’. It tells that people, teenager here, sometimes found themselves doing something stupid over and over again. In this chapter, it stated that the people continue to do these things because they are getting ‘payoffs’. I get to realize why I still come back home later than my mum expected and I always knew that I am going to be scolded or even punished, but still I continued to be late at home. After reading this chapter and know more
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