Book Review on Personal Development and Communication Skills

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BOOK REVIEW ASSIGNMENT Book – Personality development and communication skills. Author - Yandamoori veerendranath. ISBN-EBK0331691 Price-120/- In this book the author tries to explain a range of psychological theories,how to develop strong intellectual and emotional personality and public speaking.Besides these,the book also focuses on how to combat one’s weakness like anger and interpersonal conflicts. Veerendranath had worked in state finance corporation of Andhra pradesh.He is a playwright,novelist,movie director,personality development motivator.There are so many books based on personality development in market but the reason for choosing this book is i am ardent fan of his writings.Personally i have attended his…show more content…
Learning is a never ending process in life.Since learning is very crucial for students,author presented concept johari windows and he says that open area in that window should be as large as possible.He coined the term cerebral laziness which means mental obstructions that keep us from innovative thinking.Attitude development is very important in everyone’s life.The first step in improving attitude is knowing one's own strengths and weakness.Instead of feeling bad about weakness he urges us to change our behaviour which enhance those.Assertiveness in our thoughts,feelings express our attitude with friends,family members. The concept of communication and its significance in present generation was explained very precisely by him.Oral communication skills,written communication skills,non verbal communication are types of communication which he presented in book.written communication includes resume writing,project report.The topics of book which i like are the art of public speaking,Management of conflicts,emotional intelligence,SWOT analysis.In art of public speaking he provided so many tips for delivering good speeh. The author says that any leader should posses some qualities like emotional intelligence,working as a team,managing conflicts both intra and inter group.leaders creates managers. Even if a person have high intelligence,technical skills emotional balance

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