Book Review on Political Inquiry

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Introduction The ‘method and research patterns in political science’ written by James Jacob and Agaba Halidu is the work which is written by the mentioned authors to help students in political science and other social science to get the basic understanding on how research should be conducted and come out with scientific conclusion in the subject of discourse or the subjection of investigation. The book, give lucidity foundation in the process of carrying out a scientific investigation in political science and other related social science field. We are ask to review from chapter 1-6, therefore the book will be reviewed chapter by chapter considering each chapter under review to appreciate the good works and criticize where the authors…show more content…
(B) Research type based on methodology: The authors mentioned the types of research that falls under this typology, which they said are; (i) quantitative vs. qualitative (ii) experimental vs. non-experimental (iii) historical and descriptive research. (i) Quantitative vs Qualitative Research: Qualitative research methods is based on values and not numbers while quantitative is based on numeric and Quantifiable data to generalize in its conclusion. (ii) Experimental vs Non-experimental Research: Experimental research examine the possible influence that one factor or condition may have on another factor or condition. The experimental research is mostly conducted in laboratory, as it is in physics, biology and other pure sciences. (iii) Historical and Descriptive Research: Historical research is base on the study of past events which helps us to understand the present and enables us t o predict the future. In historical research both primary and secondary data sources are employed. While Descriptive research is to describe some phenomenon or to documents its characteristics.
The chapter three of the book provides measures which the research candidate should maintain when presenting his/her proposal to the research supervisor. The authors mentioned the major features which should never be avoided which they listed and explained as follows; (i)
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