Book Review :'secret '

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Secret Since the revelation, she shut herself away in the consultant’s office and shouted at everyone who dared to enter. No member of staff dared come close, even when it was regarding a patient; they knew now it was best to steer clear and that there would only be one person who could possibly settle Serena’s mood. That person was none other than Ric Griffin, he had been vacant in Hospital life for almost a year; when all of a sudden her reappeared and he and Serena had this blossoming romance that just seemed to happen from nowhere. Although, many others would say it were a long time coming and that it would not be long before they would see sense. However, heading to the ward he once found himself in charge of, former college Raf Di Lucca pulled Ric aside, and revealed something that he never knew about Serena, something that no one knew about her – until an hour ago. Tapping the door and making a cautious entrance, Ric braced himself for an angry rebuke yet he had found himself faced with his lover looking downcast, but that sombre silence was not to last long. "I heard about the..." Ric did not get a chance to finish what he was about to say. "Don 't, don 't you judge me" Serena scowled, the brutally verbal scene with the woman she in her head had named Lisa, sent shockwaves throughout AAU and now she had guessed gossip had found its way to Ric and he was just here to gloat rather than offer loving morale support. "Want to talk about it?" Instead of reacting to
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