Book Summary: 'Getting to Yes' by Fisher and Ury

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Begin your report with a general introductory statement, which will include the Author and Title. Offer a Summary of the Book (this section MUST be organized) and should include: 1) The point/purpose of the book (what is the book about? Whom is it aimed toward?) 2) A general summary of some of at least 3 of the chapters to give an example of the content. 3) Strengths and weaknesses of the book. End your report with a general statement reflecting your own personal concluding thoughts, including whether you recommend the book to another and why or why not. Summary of the Book "Getting to Yes' by Fisher, R and Ury, W (1983, Penguin Pub.) is a book dedicated to the general readership that teaches negotiation methods and techniques. As the authors say, negotiation is a way of life. We do it regularly in many different situations. It is a way of getting what we want from someone else. Negotiation is done every day, but, nonetheless, it is not an easy thing to do and many of us are disheartened by the procedure. We see two ways of doing it: hard or soft. Hard means pushing in to get our way, soft, on the other hand, usually means succumbing to the other and making concession in order not to gain the enmity of the other. Fisher and Ury tell us that there is a third way of conducting negotiation and this the focus of the book is called 'principled negotiating'. This way is neither hard nor soft but combines a combination of both procedures. This is the win-win way where
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