Book Summary Of The Novel 'The Outsiders'

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Novel Summary - “The Outsiders”

The novel “The Outsiders”, follows the life of Ponyboy Curtis over a two-week period. Ponyboy is a 14-year-old boy with a taste for adventure, but struggles to live out his childhood in the dangerous environment that is his society. Ponyboy has two brothers; Darrel “Darry” Curtis, who is 20 and Sodapop Curtis who is 16. The three brothers are orphaned after their parents passed in a car accident but Darrel has taken over a role as their legal guardian--- so long as the two youngest boys stay out of trouble.

Ponyboy sees himself as an “outsider” (thus the title of the novel), because he is a Greaser; a young male from the poor, east side of town that is looked down upon by the society and terrorized by the
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At the park, Cherry and Marcia’s soc boyfriends reappear with a group and fight the greaser boys. At one point in the fight, The greasers are holding Ponyboy’s head under the fountain, attempting to drown him. Johnny is helplessly trying to free Ponyboy, and in the spur of the moment, Stabs a soc named Bob with his switchblade, killing him.

In an attempt to avoid arrest for the murder, Johnny and ponyboy ask for Dally’s help to run away. Dally sends them off with $50 and directions to a hideout on the outskirts of town. Johnny and Ponyboy hop onto a stopped freight train and get to their hideout where they wait until Dally comes to get them.

While in the hideout (an abandoned, rural church) Johnny and Ponyboy really feel like outsiders. The two cut off their hair and Ponyboy bleaches his for a disguise. In their hideout they pass the time playing card games and reading the book “Gone With The Wind”.

Dally comes for them a week later, after tipping off the police to think that Johnny and Ponyboy are headed for Texas. He takes them to Dairy queen where he tells them that Cherry Valance is spying on the socs for the greasers and has already testified against the socs with the fact that Bob was drunk the night of his death and that the murder was in self defence. Johnny sees this as an opportunity to turn himself in, so the three head back to the church to collect their belongings.

When they get to the church, they

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