Book Summary: The Hunger Games

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Now after being back from the Hunger Games, and finally starting to adjust to her new life as a Hunger Games victor. Katniss is now living the high life. When her and Peeta are about ready to go and start their victory tour, the president of the Capitol visits Katniss in her District 12. President Snow was angry because of the way they defied the Capitol with the poison berries. Snow told Katniss that she started a chain of rebellions in all the other district’s. He tells her that she must tell the people of Panem that she didn’t act that way as an act of defiance, but that she did it because she was way too in love with Peeta. During an interview after their Victory Tour Peeta proposed to Katniss in the hopes of convincing the country that they are truly in love with each other so that Snow doesn’t end up killing the people. They then found out that in the next Hunger Games, the tributes will be selected from the existing pool of victors. Katniss and Peeta were going back into the arena. Once they were in the arena they joined forces with Finnick, and Mags an 80 year old woman. Finnick had to carry Mags which gave them a disadvantage.Very…show more content…
Katniss had the plan to take down the arena. During the process where she was preparing to complete her mission she was attacked by one of her allies who cut her arm with a knife, and then ran away. Katniss stumbled up to the force field and found one of her allies knocked out, she then shot an electrified arrow at the force field, and then passed out from all the blood she lost. She then wakes up in a hovercraft that on it’s way to District 13. Katniss later found out that her ally that cut her arm open did it to remove the tracking device. Peeta and the ally who removed her tracker were both captured by the Capitol. Her friend Gale from her old district told her that he got her mother and sister out of the district before the Capitol bombed
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