Book Summary: The Murder Mystery

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The Murder Mystery The three kids parent are letting their kids go on an adventure. The Three friends are going on an adventures in the dark, scary woods. The three friends name are Jenna,Faith,and Dillon.They see six friends that they don’t like. The six friends names are Savannah,Mckenzie,Makayla, Meredith,Chloe,and Emma. The four friends take the six friends to scary places. When the three friends take them to the different places they are the only ones that can get out. Dillion takes Savannah and Mckenzie to a haunted house where nobody lives and where nobody can find them. Dillion has Savannah go into the basement so no one can hear her. He has Mckenzie in a locked bedroom so no one can get help free her. He takes a knife and stabs Savannah in the heart. Meanwhile, Dillon has Mckenzie watch while he kills Savannah. He doesn’t give Mckenzie any food to eat…show more content…
While Faith is taking Meredith to a locked up room Makayla tries to run away, but Faith see Makayla running away. Faith takes Makayla’s hand and take her to a dark, scary room in the old creepy house. Meredith stays lock up in a very dark basement.Faith doesn’t hurt Meredith she just doesn’t give her food till her was about to die. Faith kills Makayla by shooting her in the back and let her bleed out. Faith and Dillon go and find Jenna to tell her that the cops may be on to them. Jenna takes Chloe and Emma to an old creepy hotel.Chloe tries to district Jenna.So Emma can run away and get help.Emma is running to go and get help but it doesn’t work because the doors locked right behind them as soon as they walked in. Emma goes into a room and Jenna found her in the room. Chloe is also in a room that Jenna put her in so she won’t also try to run away and get help.Jenna tries and be nice but they made her very angry.She ended up killing Chloe and Emma in there room with a knife in there backs.Faith and Dillon find Jenna and they leave the old creepy
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