Book Vs. Novel, A Book, And The Great Gatsby

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“From now on we’re reading one non-school book a week… to take care of our minds,” these words came from an iconic teen of the 1990’s, Cher Horowitz. She stared in hit movie Clueless, directed by Amy Heckerling in 1995. Although, the first thing to come to mind when you think of Cher is bright yellow plaid, horrible driving, a sassy best friend and world-renowned pop singer both Cher and Iggy Azealia, these words spoken my Alicia Silverstone [Cher in Clueless] have stuck with me. Literature can take many forms whether it be a movie, novel or poetry, it’s a place we escape our thoughts and go on a journey with some of our favourite fiends, heroes and every day teens. It’s hard to believe someone from 20 years ago in a teen drama based on a Jane Austin novel could have an influence on you to start reading literature even if it’s the occasional cheesy fantasy novel. However, I have found that literature sticks with me the most is the texts in class we pick a part like scavengers for weeks on end, all for an assessment. However, once you sink your claws into it or in Cher’s case her perfectly manicure nails a true understanding for the novel or movie can take a whole new form. Like The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and directed by Baz Luhrmann at first glance it seems to be an elaborate story about a boy turned rags to riches however, it’s a façade; or Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle the title seems quite self-explanatory, a juvenile boy from the
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