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In our group activity today we discussed which book we will be reading for our presentation. The hardest part of this activity that we faced as a group was that we couldn’t decide which book we were going to use for our group proposal. Jaleesa. Aleksandra and myself choose “How Children Succeed” and Sasha and Dejean choose “Willpower”. Although this might have not seemed hard, it absolutely was for us because Professor Olson suggested that one or two of us should choose a different book in order for us to variety of books used during the group proposal. The easiest part of this activity that we faced as a group was when we had to explain our reasoning for picking that specific book.

Throughout the group activity all of the group
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During this activity Sasha and Jaleesa emerged as the group leaders. They both were very helpful in answering any question that anyone in the group was confused on. Also, during the group activity I acted extremely friendly and welcoming. I also made sure I was actively listening and giving all of my group member excellent good eye contact. As for my group members, they all acted very similar to the way I was reacting. In addition, some of the group member were extremely informative and really helped me understand the whole concept of the group proposal. Furthermore, throughout the group activity did one thing that made me proud and one thing that made unhappy. One thing that the group members did that made me proud was when everybody shared a meaningful reason to why choose their specific book. Moreover, one thing that made me unhappy about the group was that we were missing two members in the group. This made me unhappy because I don’t want any of the group members to be lost or confused.

During the activity the way the group performed shows our performance as a group, which was extremely positive and productive. In addition, it also shows the level of our development has extremely advanced. Moreover, we all are very comfortable with each other and we all have great communication skills with each despite the fact we’ve only known each other
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