Essay on Book of John

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One of the major themes of the Book of John is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God. What makes these miracles so special is the difficulty faced to create them and what each is trying to teach. There are seven main miracles, seven being a significant number throughout the bible, that are used to help better understand Jesus and his true identity. We can also find a last miracle in His resurrection, which in itself is simply put that Jesus is a part of God because of how impossible this action seemed. The last miracle is sometimes skipped as a sign that Jesus is the Christ and Messiah. This book was written from true events which is why it is made important and allows people to see who Jesus is. The reason…show more content…
They did not learn the lesson that John was getting at, and they could not realize that in front of them stood Jesus, the true Messiah. No matter what miracle or action was done, their views could not be turned around to believe in Jesus. The fourth sign involves Jesus multiplying bread and fish which can be translated to mean that Jesus is the creative word. He is the giver of life, which is what the bread would represent. Jesus proves himself to be greater than Moses by being the true creator of man’s provisions. Jesus points out that he can give physical life, but most importantly give spiritual life because he is the true bread of life. The Messiah is expected to feed people miraculously, which is exactly was Jesus does in the instance. This would then mean the people recognized that he was a Messianic figure. Due to the misinterpretation because of the earthly minds that people have, they wanted physical life and not the spiritual sense of it. Therefore, they wanted to make Jesus an earthly king instead of the Messianic figure that he was. Jesus then had to point out the true meaning of what he had done emphasizing that those who go to him in faith will find life. False faith would mean that the people believed in the miracle but not in who Jesus truly was. Receiving life through Jesus would illustrate a trusting response to him and who he truly was, the son of God. Since God is nature and God knows all and controls all,
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