Book of Joshua: Analysis

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Translation Joshua 1:1-9 is relatively unequivocal and reads about the same in different English translations of the text. The first line begins with the definitive statement "after the death of Moses," establishing a historical and temporal context for the entire book of Joshua. The Lord then speaks, directly to Joshua the son of Nun. In the King James Version, Nun is described as Moses' minister. In the New International Version, Nun is described as Moses' aide. Then, the Lord tells Joshua to cross over the Jordan River and establish firmly the territory of the Israelites. In all of the English language translations, the boundaries of Joshua's territory are clearly defined. Joshua's territory extends from the desert north to Lebanon; from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea. The area of the Euphrates is described in all translations as the land occupied by the ancient Hittites. The remainder of the passage from Joshua 1:1-9 includes ample urges from the Lord to Joshua: that Joshua remain "strong and courageous," (NIV and English Standard Version) or "strong and of a good courage" (King James). Joshua is told he will be prosperous and successful. Exegetical Issues In spite of the similarities evident in the various English translations of the Book of Joshua, there are some minor textual variations that could affect the meaning of the text or its connotations to a modern listener. However, Joshua 1:1-9 is a remarkably straightforward passage that has little to

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