Book of Negroes Essay

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What if you were captured as a slave how would you feel? Do you think you could survive? In the 1700’s life was very different than it is now. Back then if you were a Negro you would have to be extra careful or you could be sold as a slave. But imagine being sold after witnessing the death of your parents and being a child you would be traumatized. Now we do not have those kinds of worries; life was very different then than it is now. As a child, Aminata was taken away and captured as a slave, faced public humiliation, and lost her family, but in the end she overcame it all. When you were a child if you could not find your parents in the grocery store that would have been traumatizing but imagine witnessing your parents death’s and…show more content…
The two had planned to relocate to Nova Scotia to finally become free but Chekura had sailed on a different boat than Aminata and unfortunately his boat crashed and everyone on board suffered. At the time of Aminata she was pregnant with her and Chekura’s second child. She had a daughter who was her only family left and last connection of her late husband Chekura. Aminata had named her daughter May who was born on May 1. One day Mrs. Witherspoon had been babysitting May, but instead she and her husband Mr. Witherspoon kidnapped May and moved to Boston. At this point one might think that there would be no hope for Aminata. But in the end her last line of family had come back. While in England, Aminata had been found by her daughter May. At this time May was grown up and Aminata was in her older years but no matter how old they were they were both overjoyed to have found each other. Aminata has been through more things in her lifetime than the average person has and yet she is still standing strong. Aminata had to face some hard conditions being a child slave. She faced public humiliation and lost the majority of her family. Aminata went through a lot but in the end she never fell down and never gave up, Aminata kept standing. Would you be able to walk a mile in Aminata’s shoes? Works Cited Hill, Lawrence. The Book of Negroes. Toronto: HarperCollins, 2007.
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