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[LSGI1D03] - [Living in a dynamic earth] with English Writing Requirements ([Huseyin Baki IZ]) [Book report of 'Earth Science and Human History 101'] STUDENT NAME: [LAU KA KI VIVIAN] STUDENT ID: [12102126D] GROUP ID: EWT004[JOE CHING] DATE: [17/10/2013] CAR - Living in a dynamic earth Essay first draft Evolving from ape-man society to the advanced civilization nowadays, people start to inhabit in artificial concrete jungle and live far away from the given natural environment. With social progression and economic benefits, peoples' crave for natural resources keeps escalating from time to time. People have a great tendency to consume resources yet ignore the long-term behavioral consequences that are destined to cycle…show more content…
(Chapter 1, P.17) For example, in the Little Ice Age, a decrease in food production and rise in food prices due to a cold climate spurred the emigration of people and eventually the high food process leaded the French Revolution. It is evident that although it seems irrelevant, when viewing the human history and climates together, we can find huge and direct relationship that can by no means be overlooked. Climate changes human behaviors and builds history. After explaining the linkage between climate and human activities, global warming is discussed as a non-stop phenomenon that keeps influencing us. After showing evidence of global warming, it is, however, stated that the rapid increases of the amount of greenhouse gases is mainly caused by human activity and social progression. For instance, in the 1700s, the industrial revolution started up the human economic production fuelled by coal; after that, the development of car (an industrial production) speeded up the utilization of oil especially in developed countries. Volcanoes, oceans and rivers activities and influences are explored to end the chapter. (Chapter 1, P.25) This chapter provides history of the Earth and human, which explains the rational behind climates and human activities and further notice us the possibility of influences to us in the future. After the comprehensive
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