Book report on 'The Daughters of Eve' by Lois Duncan

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There are many characters in the story, Daughters of Eve. There are only five that stand out from the rest. These five are Laura Snow, Jane Rheardon, Fran Schneider, Tammy Carncross, and Irene Stark. These are the main characters in the story. They are all members of the club, "Daughters of Eve".

Laura Snow was a junior in high school. She was a nice girl with glowing eyes. She also loved this boy in high school named Peter Grange. He went out with her for a while, but in pity. Her parents were divorced, and she lived with her mother in the town of Modesta. Although everyone liked her, she hated herself. She thought of herself as "a 160-pound lump with a bust that looked like twin watermelons and a rear that looked like twin
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Tammy 's dad was a loving father and a devoted science teacher. He never did anything wrong. Dave was Ann 's fiancé. Ann was a member of the daughters of eve. He loved Ann so much. She was a good artist. When they got married he made her an art studio, so she can do what she loves to do.

The second theme of the story is to always trust your instincts. In the story, Tammy had a feeling that something was going to go awfully wrong that semester in the Daughters of Eve. She ignored her instincts and still joined the club. Well, turns out that Irene tells them to get revenge on people. The first revenge was on Peter and they beat him up badly in a dark ally. When Tammy realized that they were going to do this more than once, she quit. If she had trusted her instincts from the beginning she wouldn 't have hurt anybody.

Lois Duncan has many strength in the story "Daughters of Eve". One of them is her great use of metaphors and similes.

"Holly Underwood sat with her eyes closed, listening to her mother at the piano building Debussy 's castle note by silver note to the height of the stars. The room was filled with the ocean, with foam and froth and circling gulls and salt winds whipping icy spray against palace walls... then with one great roar, the sea came crashing in upon her, and the palace sank forever beneath the waves."(117-118)

A reader can actually hear her mother playing the piano. Another is her fabulous imagery.
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