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When Tom walked out of Fuller's office, he was immediately accosted by a smug-faced Booker. “So, I guess it's just gonna be you and me for awhile, Tommy,” he teased with a grin. A heavy scowl marred Tom's usual smiling face, and he glared back at Dennis with resentful eyes. “Gee, Book, I can hardly wait.” Booker’s grinned widened. He knew exactly how to push Tom’s buttons to trigger a reaction, so much so that he hardly considered it sport anymore. However, he continued to goad the younger officer because any response, even an angry one, was better than no interaction at all. He needed Tom’s attention in the same way he needed oxygen; it was crucial, and he knew the only way he would get it was to continue to piss him off. But, in…show more content…
“I don't like people touching me.” The lameness of the statement was too good of an opportunity for Booker to pass up, and he gazed innocently into Tom’s eyes as his expression turned thoughtful.. “Really? Hmm... interesting.” Although the mocking intonation in Dennis’ voice was barely perceivable, Tom picked up on it straight away, and he glowered back. “What's that supposed to mean?” Booker struggled to suppress a laugh as he pretended to ponder the significance of Tom’s reaction. “Well, you let Penhall hug you all the time,” he replied slowly, his brow furrowing in contemplation, and when Tom did not answer, he waggled his eyebrows suggestively as his mouth widened into a huge, teasing grin. “Is there something going on between the two of you that I should know about?” It took a moment for Tom to realize that Booker had once again managed to get the better of him, and his anger bubbled to the surface. “What the fuck’s your problem?” he growled. “Why do you always have to behave like such a…show more content…
He knew it was going to be an extremely long few days in the company of a man who was able to provoke a reaction out of him so effortlessly, and he silently cursed his short fuse. If he did not want Booker to get the better of him, he needed to pull himself together, act like a professional and not let his dark-haired protagonist to distract him from doing his job. He could not allow Booker’s presence to unnerve him because if he did, it would reveal his vulnerabilities and he would rather die than give his nemesis more ammunition to use against him. Therefore, come hell or high water, he knew he had to stay calm, otherwise Booker would win and he would be open to even more
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