Booker T. Washington Essay

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Booker T. Washington Atlanta Compromise In 1895, Booker T. Washington delivered his “Atlanta Compromise” address. Washington’s speech was very influential and was almost not allowed to be spoken in front of a mainly White audience. However, it was decided that having a Black speaker would impress the Northerners and prove the South’s racial progress. Washington’s compromise provided the theory of “cast their buckets where they are” for the Blacks. Throughout Washington’s entire address, the use of multiple literary strategies highly influenced the Blacks to stand up for themselves while still remaining inferior to the Whites. Washington uses an analogy to capture the audience’s attention and express his thoughts. One of the his…show more content…
Washington directs his argument towards the Whites by forcing them to understand that the Blacks will always rise to the occasion and responsibly handle the situation presented to them. The use of parallelism in Washington’s address greatly influenced the way Whites viewed the Blacks based upon the amount of work Blacks do for the Whites regardless of how they’ve been treated in the past. Throughout his entire speech, Washington uses repetition to engrain in the minds of the audience his purpose of speaking. The repetition of “cast it down” throughout the entire speech continuously reminds the audience that the South is making progress and that change is just around the corner. Without directly stating that the Whites are at fault for the South’s lack of progress, Washington states “…cast it down in making friends in every manly way of the people of all races by whom we are surrounded.” Washington’s purpose behind this statement was to prove to the world that progress cannot be made when effort is not put forth by everyone. When everyone puts forth the goal of solving a problem, it can be solved. Washington especially uses this statement to unify the North and South. The North needed to understand that the South was making progress, and with this progress they intended on putting their country back together. After all, America was not meant to be two separate nations but rather one
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