Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King Essay example

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For African Americans, Jim Crow laws encompassed and affected every part of American life. The racial slur synonymous with negro and the laws used to discriminate against them. Two of the most recognizable figures advocating against of Jim Crow were Booker T. Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Though they lived through different times, they both shared the same goal of bettering circumstances of the African Americans people. While sharing a same common goal, Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr. had different approaches to confronting the color line, each approach with its positive and negative attributes.
Booker T. Washington's beliefs surrounding the improvement of African Americans are shown in his "Atlanta
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One such protest was the Montgomery bus boycott that led to the lifting of legal segregation on Montgomery Alabama public buses and also sparked many other social changes.
A comparison of the two leaders can still be made although they existed in different eras; overall Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more successful than Booker T. Washington in his efforts. Washington supported assimilation into the workforce. This worked to improve the economic status of African Americans but did not do nearly as much as King did to advance African Americans politically and socially. Under Washington's ideals African Americans were not to be doing much of anything to advance themselves socially and politically at that time. They were to pay attention to bringing themselves up economically and to basically accept their social status at the moment and wait for it to change as they become more economically stable. King on the other hand was an extreme supporter of changing things socially and economically. He made many significant changes and inspired many in his lifetime. He made a series of speeches that influenced others to act and organized many protests to support African American liberties.
Their is no exact science in achieving cooperation between a race of people and those who oppose them. Dr. King and Booker T. Washington achieved different degrees of success yet, their means of achieving this success
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