Essay on Bookkeeping: A Small Versus A Large Firm

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In this paper it will discuss the job duties of bookkeeping for an accountant. It will also discuss the benefits of working for a small accounting firm along with discussing the benefits of working for a larger accounting firm. This paper will also discuss what type of firm I feel is better for me. Did you know that bubble gum was invented in 1928 by accountant Walter Dimer? I love working with numbers so the best place for me to be is in an accounting firm. However which firm is better for me a small or a big firm?
Bookkeeping is an important part of any business. Accountants can be bookkeepers. To be a bookkeeper you do not need to have a college degree but having an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in business or in accounting
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When working for a small company there is some good things that can come out of it. Your travel time requirement is less than the travel time for a bigger company. There is a shorter commute to clients. Your clients are closer to you in a smaller company than in a bigger one. Bigger companies tend to have more clients so you tend to drive longer distance whereas with smaller companies you have fewer clients that live closer.
The private client’s day to day demands do not need long hours of work. You are actually working less on what your clients need with a smaller company then with a bigger one. When working with a smaller company it is easier for you to reach out to a senior accountant and the partners. If you need help in the company you can look to your senior accountants and partners for help with a smaller company then you can with the larger companies.
There are more women that work at smaller firms then there is at the larger firms. “Women find it easier to advance at small firms, which is encouraging since they continue to enter the profession in high numbers” says James Metzler. There is more involvement with the staff from the management. Smaller companies respect the opinions of the staff whereas bigger companies do not care what their employee’s opinions are. (James C. Metzler, CPA)
With a smaller company there is more respect for work and life balance. Smaller firms care more about their employees having a balanced life between work and

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