Books of Wisdom Literature

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Ho Man Chan RELI 1301 05 J. Jonathan Kim, Ph.D. 11-12-2010 Books of Wisdom Literature Wisdom Literature is a style of Hebrew literature. It was originated from 6th century BC, when the Israelites in exile after being swept into the AD era. These literary works are such as "Wisdom books." "Wisdom literature" has four main characteristics: 1. The writing time should be after the Israelis were swept and before the birth of Jesus Christ; 2. The contents should focus on ethics, but not designed to focus on theology; 3. The way of expression are mainly the maxim, aphorism, metaphor, fables, poems, eulogy, etc; 4. The writing object is not only limited to Jews. There are five main books of Wisdom Literature, Book of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,…show more content…
In short, we should use the divine wisdom in our daily lives and provide moral guidance. Try to read more Proverbs and implement it. Finally, we will be able to have a better life which is blessed by the God. Third, many people believe that the writer of Ecclesiastes is a descendant of David which is the king of Jerusalem. It may mean the author is Solomon. The writing time should be before 1000 BC and during the reign of Solomon. Author use "evangelist" to represent himself, the original meaning of “evangelist” is "convener" or "assembly spokesman." So, it probably means that he convened a group of audience to listen to his spiritual messages. This book is very loose structure and containing many obscure phrases. Also, many words are unique in the Old Testament which means it is not easy to determine accurately. Many matter, habits and proverbs mentioned in the book were made by metaphor. So, at that time, maybe it is not difficult for the reader to comprehend. However, many readers will be unsure of its meaning nowadays. Nevertheless, the book has a keen observation and criticism of life. It can be attractive for some people to explore the obscure and try to get a deeper wisdom. One of the important contents in this book is the meaningless of life. “Prayers on behalf of the dead have no meaning, for nothing can be changed by them. God's Word shows that the dead no longer have any physical or mental activity (Psalm
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