Books versus Movies

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“Can you believe how Demitri disappeared in the caves like that!? He’s got to be dead by now, I mean they found is steak broken on the floor,” Darrell tolled Jamie the next morning after see the coolest and latest Vampire Academy movie. Jamie rolled her eyes and kept walking, but Darrell kept going, “And Rose just ran n after him. Who knows what could have been in that cave? A strigoi could have jumped her and she would have never seen it coming,” Darrell explained. Jamie was getting tiered of Darrell’s ravings and suddenly blurted out, “Demitri and the strigoi where not in the caves any more when Rose ran in after him, and he is not dead they turned him. He is strigoi now, and the next movie will be Rose leaving the academy to go find…show more content…
This can show how book are the soupier to movies because without the book in the first place the movie would have never made. Movies like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Speak, Twilight, The Book Thief, How to Train Your Dragon, and many more. All of these movies started as renowned books, that had won many awards. However when they are made into movies the audience loses some of the key factors that played into making the book so famous. When reading the books, the reader can get an idea of the feeling of characters. Readers know exactly what they are thinking, how they are feeling and what they are planning to do next. In earlier Shakespearian plays director attempted to keep this idea of know what the main character was feeling and thinking by adding in a monologue. But this monologue was broken away from the rest of the play. Actors would break character and speak directly to the audience of what they were thinking and wanted. This was later seen as distracting to the audience though, and it was removed in later production, and is why we do not see them in movies now. Books have a nicer flow to them and inside because readers will always know what the character is thinking, feeling, and going to do. Something that audiences do not get in the theaters, showing again that books have better understanding of quality. Continuing on with better qualities of books, readers will get a better feeling of accomplishment when they finish
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