Books vs Ebooks Essay

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Now days with the rise of digital technology many physical items such as pen and paper are slowly being replaced by computers and smart phones. But is this really a good thing? I read books and of course so do many other people in this class and around the globe. But since the creation of ‘e-readers’ more and more people have been converting to the technology based side of reading. Although technology is slowly becoming more predominant in this era we should not rely on it to always entertain and keep us occupied.

I think ‘real, physical’ books are better than e-books because you can truly own a book. As Mortimer J. Adler, a popular author, says, ‘Full ownership comes only when you have made [the book] a part of yourself, and the best
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Of course that’s not strictly true—you can loan your book by loaning your reading device, but that’s like giving someone access to one of your books by loaning them an entire library, book cases and all.

And books are a tactile experience, meaning they are supposed to be experienced through touch and smell (especially for the old books). A book is meant to be an experience that can have depressions and elevations on the cover and text, feeling the weight of the pages as you turn them and all of these elements when combined make a book what it is, but when you read an e-book you are exposed to digitized text and a screen. And it’s been proven that when people are exposed to screens of TVs or computers they are less likely to have a good night sleep. On a web poll about e-books vs. books one person commented, ‘I've tried reading a few e-books but I've always given up. I just don't like looking at digitized text when I'm reading a novel. I like the feel, the weight and even the smell of books,’ many of the following comments made by others agreed with this persons thoughts.

A book is a single-task item that is written to distract the reader from everything else happening around them, they are technology designed for the best possible reading experience. An e-reader, however, tends to be a multi-tasking item with the ability to play music and videos as well as hold books. The iPad has a reading function but the focus is
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