Boolean Algebra Cryptography Algorithms

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BAC ALGORITHM BOOLEAN ALGEBRA ESTABLISH EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE ASYMMETRIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY ALGORITHM ABSTARCT: To share information for academics effort we brought Internet, it never past for higher privacy effect. It plays vital role for people who are in online, this way is very effective and easy but able to cause harm for data cracking and hacking by malicious people. When we are using internet data must be secured and safely store. By using encryption we can secure our data by avoiding unauthorized users, data must be safe at transmission such as bluetooth devices, network, mobile phones, bank machines. Encryption by itself can secure the confidentiality of data messages, but still we need to secure our data, authentication and integrity, examples are digital signature and MAC(Message Authentication Codes).Cryptography and standard software and hardware to fulfill encryption which are widely available but accomplishing using encryption to make sure privacy and security may be a challenging problem. A single slip up in system design or execution can authorize successfully attacks. Sometimes an opponent can obtain unencrypted data without directly conquest the encryption. In this research paper we are trying to develop advance encryption and decryption algorithm which is implemented in java, it gives an supportive outcome in small as well as in large data files. KEYWORDS: Encryption, Cryptography, Decryption, BAC Algorithm, Unicode, XOR Operation, complement and MAC.

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