Boomerang Research Paper

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Culture and Identity: Boomerang and Recycle

Throughout the Australia's history, the boomerang is one of most distinctive and representative symbol which is strongly associated with Aboriginal culture.According to the research, Australia is not the birthplace of the boomerang. In fact, the boomerang has existed in other parts of the world for thousands of years. (Kevin, 2015) It is speculated that the initial aim of developing boomerang is used by hunting animals. Although the older boomerang as a hunting weapon has been used throughout Africa and Europe, Australian Aboriginal boomerangs already have ten thousands years of history. (Kevin, 2015) With the development of boomerangs,
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For instance, some environmentalists create recycled bags as a sustainable alternative for the purpose of reducing plastic bag usage on Gold Coast. They use recycled material to make bags and provide to the local community by free. The bag has been named Boomerang Bags. (Solua, 2015) Although it was difficult to change the behaviour of using plastic bags in Australia, in some ways these sachems and actives is likely to improve the awareness of protecting our environment through their efforts. (Katrina, 2015)Consequently, the meaning of boomerang is no longer stay on the surface; it also represents a deeper meaning associated with the social phenomenon and environmental change through the development of the society.


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