Boomers and Millennials: Who's Got it Worse in the Workplace?

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Boomers and Millennials: Who's got it worse in the Workplace It is often referred to as the fight of the generation. In one corner of about 42.5 million persons reflecting approximately 12.3 percent of unemployment rate and $ 294 billion in the form of student loan debt there is 20 to 29 years-olds (Philips, 2012). On the other corner of about 36.9 million persons and an unemployment rate of approximately 6.6 percent and a median household worth of $ 162,000 includes the 55 to 64-year-olds. It is ideal to note that this is not the occurrence within the context of the job arena. Generations focus on eliminating each other in the job arena thus the constant fights from within for work. It is also essential to note that a 24-year old would compete effectively and efficiently for a job with a peer rather than with a veteran of about 60-years old. Despite this notion, there is critical need to focus on the examination of the two diverse corners with the aim of addressing the issue of who is in dire need of help within the context of the workplace. According to a result by the Government Accountability Office, there is a maximum plight by the older workers with a reflection of about 50 percent having hunted for a job in more than six months (Philips, 2012). This scenario leads to the recommendations for the implementation of accurate policies such as provision of subsidies to business entities focusing on hiring older workers, expansion of job training programs for the

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