Boon And Curse For The Health Care System

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Introduction Globalization has revolutionized the whole approach of health care. The system of health care has become more integrated and assessable. Technological advancement has been a factor of heath care renaissance. The global standpoint of health care has been largely benefitted by the advent of technologically advanced systems and techniques. Theoretical support is enhanced by the practical applicability of the health care tools and techniques (Akenroye, 2012). Technological changes have been factors for both boon and curse for the health care system. Though discrepancies are limited to increase in complexity, the factors supporting success and prosperity are large. The progress of any nation is largely dependent on the health care system within it. The stronger the health care system the greater is the impact of it on world economy and no external threat could affect the progress of the nation at large. Medical advancement in health care supports the national development from all possible spheres (Bramble et al., 2010). The impact has direct effect on financial framework, cost structure, national expenditure, and national development. The scope and coverage of health care management has increased considerably and Integrated Communication and Technology (ICT) have direct effect on improved medical support. Ongoing change management has profound impact on every level transformation and the main focus is to ensure optimum utilization of resources for better service

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