Boon and Bane of Nuclear Power

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Introduction In these modern times, are nuclear power plants feasible to every nation around the world? How about in a nation experiencing the toll of depletion of resources, destruction of nature and poverty at the same time; is it still an answer for economic growth? Is the construction of nuclear power plants an aid for the spur of development of a country or a growing threat to the environment? Do nuclear power plants serve the people best or destroy the nature best? Nuclear power plants are said to have drastic effects both good and bad for a country where it will be used for. Surely it will increase the supply of energy of each country; this will contribute more to the economic productivity of the served country. However, it is…show more content…
The turbine then spins a generator to produce power. In some nuclear power plants, a secondary heat exchanger is used to convert another loop of water to steam, which drives the turbine. The Boons of a Nuclear Power Plant Energy Until about 1800, the principal fuel was wood. Since the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels are the major source of energy. When a fossil fuel is burned, atoms of hydrogen and carbon combine with oxygen atoms in air. Water and carbon dioxide are produced and heat is released, equivalent to about 1.6 kilowatt-hours per kilogram or about 10 electron volts per atom of carbon. This amount of energy is typical of chemical reactions resulting from changes in the electronic structure of the atoms. A part of the energy released as heat keeps the adjacent fuel hot enough to keep the reaction going. In comparison, a nuclear fission reaction releases 10 million times the energy released in using fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is released when the fission of a heavy nucleus such as U is induced by the absorption of a neutron A fission of an atom produces about 200 MeV, or 3.2 × 10-11 J. The energy per fission is very large. In practical units, the fission of a 1 kg uranium-235 releases 18.7 million kilowatt-hours as heat. The neutrons released from fission of one atom cause the fission of two more atoms, thereby releasing more

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