Boone, Nc : Water Intake Project

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Boone, NC - Water Intake Project
In 2008, the town of Boone began a new project called The New River Project. This project was designed to ensure that the town of Boone had enough water to meet the needs of the town as it grew. This project explored several sites for a water intake facility and proposed a site in Todd, North Carolina on the South Fork of the New River (Town of Boone, 2008). This project was presented to the residents of Watauga County as a need to ensure water was available as their growth edged nearer to maximum capacity for the available water.
The policy for North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources (NCDENR) is for communities to plan for expansion at 80% capacity and expand at 90% capacity. The town of Boone reported that in 2006 the 80% mark was reached, and it was projected to meet the 90% mark in 2009.
After meeting and planning with engineers from W.K. Dickson, a firm chosen for their expertise in the project type, a plan was written and presented at a Special Meeting of Boone Town Council in 2009. This meeting allowed several concerns of citizens to be voiced and brought up several issues with the proposed water intake facility (Boone Town Council, 2009).
The stakeholders for the proposed project include: Ashe County Residents and officials, Boone Residents and officials, Appalachian State University (ASU), Recreational businesses, environmentalists, Watauga residents and officials, and Todd Residents. Ashe County residents and

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