Boost Juice Marketing Plan

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Company: Boost Juice
Target Country Market: Singapore


1.0 Introduction 1.1 Industry Analysis... 1.2 Company Background.

2.0 Key Issues in Entering Market 2.1 Political 2.2 Economical 2.3 Cultural 2.4 Technological 2.5 Social

3.0 Implications... 3.1 Product 3.2 Price 3.3 Place 3.4 Promotion 3.5 Process 3.6 Physical Evidence 3.7 People

4.0 Entry Modes

5.0 Key
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| |the industry are all priced within the same small range. |stands. However, switching costs is low. | |
|Threat of Substitute |Low/Medium ÔÇô While there are not many substitute products |Medium/High ÔÇô The most popular drink is India is tea which |Low - There are not many substitute products that are convenient, healthy and |
|Products |available that is as healthy, fresh and convenient as |encompasses a large variety. The aroma of freshly brewed tea is what|tasty like Boost Juice drinks. For example, water is inexpensive and readily |
| |fruit juices, coffee has become a type of culture in |attracts the population. Furthermore, tea is sold in almost every |available, but it is not tasty and therefore is not a good alternative to |
| |Australia where local boutique cafes are popular and |street in India and is relatively cheap compared to the price of a |smoothies and juices. Carbonated soft drinks present the closest substitute |
| |commonplace, especially in the larger cities like |Boost Juice drink. India still a…

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