Boost Juice in Germany

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n International Human Resources Assessment 2 – Group Presentation Boost Juice Expatriate Program Challenges in Germany March 23, 2010 Authors: SindooraNiranjan, 110024230 Maggie Sinclair, 110058024 Kai Zhi Lee, 100111728 Ke Yu, 100070856 Harnie Kumaraguru, 110026969 Word count: 1105 (excluding external referencing) Introduction The concept of Boost brand was created in 1998 when the founder, Janine Allis, realized the fashion of the juice bar when on holidays in the United States. She researched the growing demand and found a huge market opportunity for a healthy fast food alternative in Australia. The first boost juice bar was formed in 2000 located in Adelaide (Boost Juice 2011). The company…show more content…
On an international scale the organization should have knowledge of the German culture, find efficient partners to aid in customizing a common training effort to specific regional and participant differences, and remain globally consistent in terms of course content and criteria for evaluation (Chang 2009). Programme designers should modify communication to accommodate cultural differences and consider trainees’ level of acceptance, conduct a thorough training-needs and audience analysis, and include members from Germany on the design team (Chang 2009; Shen & Brant 2009; Jassawalla, Traglia & Garvey 2004). 3.1 Cross-Culture issues Attention must be given to the communication styles for Australian expatriates when they are sent to Germany. German employees tend to be stiff and deficient in sense of humour in business situation (McDonald 2000). The more serious a situation, the more seriousness is necessitated. Also, Teamwork in Germany is regarded as a group of individuals working for a specific leader towards a recognizable goal (Dunkel & Meierewert 2004; Murakami, T 2000). Every employee has a well-defined role and to cross line would arouse confusion. Another important point of emphasis is on the business structure. Most of the power in German companies is the charge of few
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