Boot Camp In The Navy

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It is Jan 24, 1994, I am 19 years old and heading off to boot camp for the Navy. At the time it didn’t dawn on me that I am trying to join the Navy, the same Navy that has aircrafts, boats, that all travel over water. As my first day of boot camp commenced, the instructor tells me that in order to pass boot camp I would need to pass a fitness test and a swim test. That consist of treading water for 5 min and a 50 yard swim. Then I realized my old friend, the pool awaits me. On day three, myself and the other 59 boot camp recruits march to the pool. It was one of the days I feared and dreaded. We reached the pool and it was not as I expected, there was an Olympic size pool with a 10 meter diving board. They quickly hurried us to change
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