Boots Gender Roles

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The comic strip Boots and Her Buddies was an American comic strip by Edgar Martin. Running from 1924 to 1969, it was one of the most popular comic strips around featuring Boots, who was in many eyes “America’s Sweetheart”. The strip started with Boots attending college while staying with her college professor and his wife. The ‘buddies’ part of the title referred to all of Boots’ college boyfriends. The strip resonated with many college and high school students because of the characters and the situations they would get into. The comic did not only resonate with high school and college students, but women in general and how they were treated and expected to act.
Boots and her Buddies was written by a male author and at the time of the comic strips publication, which explains the way the women act and dress. During this time period, the men were socialized to think of themselves as the breadwinners, where as the women were to see themselves within the household. Though as
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Boots and her girl friends are at the local lodge enjoying time with many of their boy friends. Hattie, one of Boots’ girl friends, is a bit boy crazy and it does not sit well with the rest of the characters. The male characters seem to want a woman who is submissive, quiet, and not so open about their feelings. One male character, Willie, shows aggression towards Hattie and all of the other characters seem to accept this behavior. After being frustrated with her pestering him and following him around, he continues to kick her into the lake. Preceding to laugh at his actions as she screams for help to swim. When Hattie notices that she can stand and be above water she continues to exit the lake. After exiting, Willie places his hand on Hattie’s face when she tries to lean in for a kiss, again showing that violence against women was an acceptable
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