Boots Strategic Planning and Implementation

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Introduction: In current competitive business environment any company’s organisational goal is affected by company’s strategy planning and implementation. Strategic planning helps to develop internal and external future direction of the business and to define the needs to be anticipated and adapted to change with the external competitive market environment. It is related with marketing strategy, production and operations strategy, finance and other business objectives. A weak strategic marketing planning could create wastage of resources and miss the opportunities. Effective strategy is able to correlate the different operations within the organisation in order to reach a common goal. Graeme Drummond, John Ensor, Ruth Ashford (2008)…show more content…
They seek to develop the core business activities of pharmacy-led health and beauty vending and pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution all over the world and become a major player in many top international markets. Purpose -their purpose is to deliver the products that will help people to look and feel their best. Values - They believe in making a difference and are proud of the contribution will make to the wellbeing of the communities to serve. Its core values are: Partnership - Includes respect, understanding and working together. They create and build value through partnerships and alliances, inside and outside the businesses. They believe “Together we can achieve more”. Trust - The essence of the method is do business. Alliance Boots are trusted because they deliver on their promises. Service - Alliance Boots clutch it selves to towering principles of care and service, for their customers and people. Entrepreneurship - Alliance Boots are the innovators, looking for new challenges and have the winning spirit. Simplicity – Alliance Boots are proud that they are being lean and efficient, straightforward and easy to do business with. (Source- Corporate Objectives: Alliance Boots focus on its two main business behavior such pharmacy-led health and beauty vending and pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution even as more and more developing and internationalizing product brands to create a third

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