Borador And The Iron Wolf

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Borador hammerfist was the dwarven leader of the iron wolves. He was a short black bearded man with an even shorter temper. Unlike the battle axe he wielded. His long beard hung nearly to his belly button. The beard was braided with little iron clamps at the end of each braid. This great and mighty beard never got in his way in battle. The hair on his head was shaved into a Mohawk. The sides of his skull had two tattoos of wolves. One on each side of his head. One wolf looked very peaceful and graceful, but the other was a demonic figure. These two tattoos meant everyone has a lighter and darker side. When people looked into this dwarves ice cold blue eyes. They would see into the gates of hell themselves. Almost able to feel the flames upon…show more content…
For those battle wore eyes had seen their fair share of death and decay. His face was slightly wrinkled and scared. Borabor had a desynced scar on the left side of his…show more content…
To remind his to never surrender. Borabor’s armor was battle worn but still elegant. The armor was made from ebony ore which had a greenish blue color to it. Ebony ore would make the armor light and highly protective. The armor had engraves all over of all the battles won by his hand. His gauntlets had a spell but on them to give him the strength of five men. Which he called gauntlets of ogre power. His boots where made from red dragons hide. Which where light weight and indestructible. His helmet looked like a demons skull. Covered in dragons scale, and made with a mixture of dragons bone and ebony ore. He added some goat’s curly horns. To become even more demonic and fearsome looking on the battle field. Borador’s battle axe was the same height as him and twice as heavy. The axe was sharpened on the daily to avoid being dull. The axe was made from meteorite. Which made the metal dark with wavy lines though out the entire axe. On the head of the axe were two wolves fighting with one another. Fighting over the large ruby at the heart of the battle axe. Borador was the leader of the clan for a reason. Not only for having some of the best gear, but for having the knowledge and power to make his clan
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