Border Blues: the Dilemma of Illegal Immigration

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Border Blues: The Dilemma of Illegal Immigration
By: Farai Chideya I. Research Question:
Immigration is a rapid growing issue for the United States. For a long time people from other countries have been coming here to look for bigger and better things for themselves, as well as for their families. This article digs to the core of the issue, illegal immigration. Chideya wanted to know three things: 1) What is the reality behind the perceptions of Mexican Americans, 2) How do the residents of El Paso look upon the Mexicans, and 3) How do Mexican-Americans see themselves and their cousins across the border. II. Theoretical Perspectives: A. Realism is a big part for the conflict of illegal immigration. The idea behind realism is
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Yet they, again, make the decision to stay. Diana says that to her America is better because even though there are barriers between illegals and others, America is still the “Land of Opportunity.” I imagine most “illegals” feel this way. Otherwise, we would not be discussing this topic as a “problem.” D. Idealism is a qualitative and individualistic approach to research. Chideya’s interviews with the people in the article were open-ended. She talked to people on both sides of the issue: the border patrol and the border crossers. She wanted to know how the border patrol deals with immigrants that are caught crossing the border illegally. And she wants to know how immigrants, who have successfully crossed the border, deal with life in America as an “illegal alien.” E. Symbolic Interactionism is shown, particularly, in Chideya’s interview with Diana about school. Diana mentions how she started to feel inferior when she told her teacher she was illegal. The teacher responded “Honey, don’t say that out loud. You could get your parents in a lot of trouble.” Diana also mentions how her feelings of inferiority are due to the things she can’t do, like apply for college. So she doesn’t apply but she works menial jobs instead. She is hoping to apply for a green card to overcome these barriers. F. Conflict Theory is evident in this article in the most literal aspect of
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