Border Control And Illegal Immigration

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Border Control: What are the problems with it? Illegal Immigration is the main cause of Border Control Problems in the United States. This is for the reason that the U.S has many benefits for the illegal aliens. It is wasting the U.S’s money on people that aren’t natural citizens that have a hard time in their own country while others have it easy. It makes citizens want better bored control to prevent the waste of money. This is all through illegal immigration. Immigration is as old as anyone can remember. IT is basically people moving from one region/area to another, usually to find somewhere better to live in, which would be push and pull factors; although there are two types of immigration which are legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigration is where an immigrant would do what the country requires for the immigrant to apply to become a legal citizen. An illegal immigrant would be someone who sneaks into the country…show more content…
This has to do with the pollution in air and water in Mexico due to factories being near rivers. The factories contaminate the drinking water for the citizens which severely affect them. The citizens cannot count on the rivers for drinking water so they must resort to water wells, although most of the water wells are contaminated as well. The pollution prevents crops from being grown and does not allow the people to preform proper hygiene. This makes poor living conditions for the people which make them want to leave their homeland. Another reason for the immigrants wanting to leave Mexico is due to the lack of jobs so many citizens are poor. It is mostly the business owners that have money and don’t have to worry about supporting their family. The owners chose not to restore cities and let it get worse which is why it is bad in Mexico and why the people want to leave. (Egendorf
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