Border Patrol

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Border Patrol The United States of America is plagued by many problems—including the infamous Border Wars waged by highly skilled and trained Border Patrol agents. Forget politics and the belief that we ought to bar people from entering the country illegally or that we should welcome all people. Just know the facts: the border (mostly the southern border) is dangerous—prone to smugglers smuggling in human cargo (often children) and drugs. With people crossing the Mexican-US border, human lives are most certainly affected. First, Mexican lives are at risk as many illegals are abandoned by their coyotes (guides) in the desert and are forced to face the elements, starvation, dehydration, and, even, death. Second, American citizen lives…show more content…
There are, for example, some very specialized jobs, such as: K9 Units, Mounted Patrol, Bike Patrol, Sign-cutting (or otherwise known as tracking), Snowmobile Units, Infrared Scope Units, Intelligence, Anti-smuggling Investigations Unit, Border Criminal Alien Program, Multi-agency Anti-Gang Task Force, and Mobile Surveillance Unit. Indeed, it is a very military-type operation. Most people think of the Border Patrol as being purely located at the southern border of the United States; however, there are Border Patrol stations on the northern border and, even, one in the Caribbean. “Line Watch” is a job held by many Border Patrol agents. It is seen as the most important responsibility participated in by agents. On “Line Watch”, agents detect, prevent, and apprehend undocumented aliens, terrorists, smugglers of aliens, human traffickers, and weapons by participating in tasks as simple as traffic checks or as major as covert surveillance. Constant surveillance is maintained via covert positions, responding to electronic sensor television systems, following up leads, responding to aircraft sightings, and interpreting and following physical evidence of related illegal activity. Some of the other duties of an agent are not necessarily at the border itself. Sometimes, Border Patrol checks can be as far as 100 miles away from the actual border. Their authority and power remains the same and their duties can include the following: traffic check, farm and ranch
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