Border Security It's Been A Problem As Early

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Border security it’s been a problem as early as 1904. Since the inception of the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) in 1924, enormous changes have affected almost every aspect of its operation, thus, their main mission remain the same “To Protect our Borders”. Despite a big increase on the amount of money, manpower, and new strategies the security of our country by the U.S. Border Patrol has proven to be a difficult task. Weakness in our borders allows terrorist and smugglers, as well as thousands of illegal immigrants, easy entrance to the United States. New strong immigration laws are in dire need of changing, as well as stricter punishments and fines for all immigrants caught crossing our borders illegally. The U.S. border with Mexico is approximately 2,000 miles long and is encompassed of six Mexican and four U.S. states.1 Among the southern border’s it features vast desert land where temperatures reaches more than 100 degrees in the summer, mountainous ranges and rugged terrain, as well the Rio Grande River. The U.S. border with Canada, on the other hand, is twice the size of the southern border and covers seven Canadian provinces and 10 U.S. states.2 Among the northern border’s it features vast mountainous ranges such as the Rockies, the Great Lakes, many river systems, heavy snow and bitter cold temperatures in the winter. Although smaller by some 2,000 miles than its northern counterpart, the southwest border exceeds the northern border with respect to the volume of

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