Border Town Limitations

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The major limitation of this study will be the narrow focus of female Hispanics in one border town. This study will be limited to the students in the within the Brownsville area and in no way is this a random sample of students or graduates from all high schools in border cities in Texas. Instead this study will use convenience sampling and findings will not be able to be generalized beyond this remote area of Texas. Probability sampling will not be used in this study because it is practically impossible to obtain a list of the population being studied as it would require a list of female students graduating high school and pursuing a post-secondary education across border cities in Texas. Such limitation should not be necessarily so damaging to the quality of the study because the study focuses on identifying the factors that leading to the success of the targeted group…show more content…
However, all students will be first generation in their families to attend college thus still studying to a degree the factors such as cultural and socioeconomic factors in their success after attending school in a border town. A possible confounding variable in this study is subject bias, since the students making up the convenience sampling group know the researcher as one of their instructors and sponsors in past years.
The limitations of this study arising due to time constraints and traveling involved in interviewing and surveying Hispanic females of border towns could be overcome in future research. Through funding and time allocation needed to access a larger population of Hispanic females along various border towns the data analysis and findings could be generalized beyond the current
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