Borderline Personality Disorder ( Adhd )

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Since its discovery in the 1930’s, psychologists around the world have been trying to decipher the Borderline’s enigmatic condition. The term “Borderline,” coined by Adolph Stern in 1938 (Optimum Performance Institute), refers to the behavior exhibited by these patients who are on the borderline between neurosis and psychosis. The oscillating nature and unknown concrete cause of this disorder makes it difficult to treat. Due to this, Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, has become one of the most controversial disorders to work with in the psychiatric community. Often time Borderline patients are avoided entirely, or written off as hopeless due to their repetitive tendencies and inability to learn from their mistakes (Kreisman, 5). Although Borderline Personality Disorder is usually a co-morbid, and disastrous condition, it is treatable and often times disappears with age. With no definitive marker, Borderline Personality Disorder appears to be a multifaceted personality disorder with social, biological and psychological factors embedded into it.
BPD is believed to occur in over 18 million people, or about 6% of the population. It is found 2-3 times more often in women than men, and make up 15-25% of all patients seeking psychiatric care, making it one of the most common personality disorders. Studies suggest these figures are an underestimation, as many individuals often go undiagnosed (Kreisman, 14). Despite its prevalence BPD is still mostly unheard of to the…
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