Borderline Personality Disorder And Mental Disorders

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As stated previously, Borderline Personality Disorder is misdiagnosed for possible several reasons. One reason co-occurrence, individuals may come into the therapist office complaining about depression, and not bring up the signs that are associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. Therapists are unaware and only treats the signs of other mental disorders. The common misdiagnosis symptoms are seen in bipolar, antisocial and substance abuse.

According to SAMSHA, early detections and interventions are possible to detect in children and adolescents and if treated early the likelihood of successful treatment is high. If BPD can be seen is children and adolescents I propose the idea of educating guidance counselors, teachers, and staff members on a training of the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder and recommending parents and caregivers of these children to seek counseling to find out the diagnosis, also educate the parents on the particular signs and if there is any knowledge of family members with this disorder. There has been controversy between researchers upon actually diagnosing BPD among adolescents. According to Kaess et al (2014) there are four reasons for the controversy, one side states that BPD isn’t effective in adolescent years. Second, the features of BPD are consider normal in adolescents. Third, in adolescent years children have an instability in personality which professionals see that as hard to distinguish between growing through adolescent years
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